Riot Games responds to censorship allegations at Worlds


In the last few days, the entire world has been involved in the Hong Kong controversy. I'm not going to go into detail on the situation, as it is entirely political. However, it has started to affect both traditional sports and esports, and we're here to cover the latter. With the League of Legends Worlds event currently taking place in Europe, a controversy involving one of the teams happened there too. Which team was it, and how did Riot Games respond to the allegation. 토토픽

John Needham, Riot Games' Global Head of League of Legends Esports, released a statement on the controversy sparked by Blizzard banning a Hearthstone player for speaking out on the Hong Kong protests. In the statement, Needham addresses the decision to refrain from discussing "sensitive topics" during Worlds 2019.

Over the past few days, the eyes and ire of the gaming world have been focused solely on Blizzard Entertainment. This began when the company responded to a Hearthstone player speaking out on the ongoing Hong Kong protests by banning the player, stripping his Hearthstone Grandmasters prize money, and firing the casters.